Postoperative Instructions Following Healing Abutment Placement


The best treatment for your surgical site following healing abutment placement is to avoid putting any pressure on the surgical site. Please avoid this area while eating. It is unusual for you to have excessive bleeding following the healing abutment placement. If bleeding, the best treatment is constant, firm pressure applied by biting on gauze for 1-2 hours. Slight oozing can be minimized by using ice packs and keeping your head elevated for the first 24 hours. If non-resorbable sutures were placed, they will be removed in approximately two weeks. You now have a small metal healing cap over the implant. Please contact our office immediately if this cap becomes loose. 

DO NOT SPIT, USE A STRAW, SMOKE, OR DRINK ALCOHOL for one week since this promotes bleeding and can lengthen your recovery time. 

Swelling after surgery is a normal body reaction. Applying an ice pack for 30 minutes on, and 30 minutes off over the surgical area and keeping your head elevated for the first 24 hours helps decrease swelling, bleeding, and discomfort.

After 24 hours – apply warm moist heat with a moist washcloth heated in the microwave for 10-15 seconds, as needed, and continue to sleep with your head elevated until swelling resolves. 


Cold, soft foods, such as, ice cream or yogurt may be the most soothing and helpful the first day. Rest is recommended the first day.


Some discomfort is normal after oral surgery. It can be controlled but not eliminated by taking pain medication as prescribed. It is important to take all antibiotics as directed, and until gone. 


Do not rinse your mouth. Rinsing your mouth may cause any bone grafting to fail. If prescribed, begin using Chlorhexidine rinse on a cotton swab GENTLY to clean around the implant twice daily beginning on the second post operative day. Brush your teeth gently and regularly, avoiding the surgical site.